The Vitality Project Brain Health Powered by Voluntastrols botanical extracts supports cognitive function, brain health, healthy mood

Brain Health 60 Caps The Vitality Project

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What it does:

The Vitality Project Brain Health Powered by Voluntastrols food supplement is a unique formula from botanical plant extracts, giving you what mother nature intended.

The Vitality Project Brain Health unique Brain Health formula with Voluntastrols is a world-first for brain health and your mental wellbeing. Supplement your mental health with a once-a-day formula that’s kind to your mind.

Scientifically proven. Crafted naturally from botanical extracts.

Supports your ability to:

  • Reduce feeling overwhelmed
  • Reclaim your mental energy
  • Boost concentration, clarity and focus
  • Improve your brain’s resilience to stress
  • Cultivate cognitive health and mental function
  • Promote healthy emotional response and balanced mood
  • Strengthen your defence against cognitive decline
  • Sleep better

Voluntastrols are an innovative complex of specific proprietary botanical extracts working synergistically to support:

  • mental concentration & clarity
  • cognitive function
  • brain health
  • healthy mood & emotional balance
  • mental wellbeing
  • the relief of inflammation
  • improved brain resilience

What is in it?

Each 500mg capsule contains a proprietary blend of:

  • Citrus bioflavonoids extract 200mg
  • German chamomile 12:1 extract 200mg (equiv. to dry flower 2.4g)
  • Theobroma cacao 12:1 extract 100mg (equiv. to dry seed 1.2g)

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