Best Seller from Dr Sandra Cabot - New Edition of The Liver Cleansing Diet Book

Liver Cleansing Diet Book - Dr Sandra Cabot

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Best Seller from Dr Sandra Cabot - New Edition of The Liver Cleansing Diet Book.

Dr Cabot's Liver Cleansing Diet Book has sold over 4 million copies worldwide and has been translated into seven other languages. It could be said that this book has crossed cultural and language boundaries. It won the Australian People's Choice Award in 1997 and just keeps on keeping on. It still manages to sell as steadily as modern day lifestyles make new fatty livers, and it always will. Think about it - everyone has a liver and the incidence of liver diseases and liver dysfunction keeps on increasing.

Dr Sandra Cabot has made us aware of the importance of the liver in our general health and our longevity - indeed she often says "love your liver and live longer"

So if the original Liver Cleansing Diet was such a breakthrough in nutritional medicine, what make this updated and revised edition so much better?

It contains a NEW life-saving section on hepatitis C and B viral infections:

  • These infections affect nearly one billion of the earth's population and are set to increase
  • Drug treatements have poor success rates in the majority of sufferers, as well as a high incidence of severe side effects
  • Natural therapies have been shown to improve outcomes in viral hepatitis

It contains NEW effective and achievable nutritional strategies for overweight children

  • Delicious meals perfectly balanced that will improve your child's energy & moods
  • Low carb food ideas to stimulate fat-burning in children
  • Fatty liver is not uncommon in children today: if not reversed it can lead to obesity & diabetes

The Liver Cleansing Diet is not a quick fix DETOX DIET. Indeed severe calorie restricted detox programs have been recently shown to be potentially dangerous for many people. Even in young healthy people these extreme detox diets can lead to fluid loss, muscle loss and electrolyte disturbances. Protein restriction leads to muscle loss with muscle turning into fat - this is not what most detox hopefuls expect or desire. Furthermore, extreme detox diets have been shown to increase liver enzymes and deteriorate liver function. In contrast, Dr Cabot's Liver Cleansing Diet and her Livercare program comprise a 2 to 8 week plan based on balanced natural foods and super detox foods. These support healthy liver function where no nutrient deficiencies, liver inflammation or muscle loss will occur.

If your liver is happy, chances are you will be too! Healthy liver function is important for positive moods, physical energy and sex drive. Get re-inspired - get a copy of the NEW Liver Cleansing Diet Book

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    Changed my life

    Posted by Debbie on 23rd Jul 2016

    This is my second purchase of this book - I gave my first to an ailing friend who has found much relief after only 2 weeks on the diet.